Quality & Selection

Quality and selection go together in our decision making. We strive to make new and unique varieties of flowers available, and we only work with breeders who are internationally recognized for their quality standards, sustainable genetics, and focus on floral trends.

Continually experimenting with new varieties enables our customers to be at the leading edge of value in their floral displays. We work closely with several international breeders to introduce new varieties which are well suited to market demands in your region. Only once we are fully satisfied that the quality of a new variety meets the high standards we set forth, we reproduce enough plant material to gradually introduce the variety into the market. Would you like to partner with us to introduce new varieties into your programs or stores? Contact us today to find out how.

Quik’s Farm regularly hosts seminars and conferences with international consultants on best growing practices. Configurations to our climate and fertilizer schedules are adopted seasonally to create the best environment for our plants. Annually, soil testing is done to ensure the soil structures contain the appropriate micro-nutrients required to grow the desired quality. Whenever necessary, we use organic matter to enhance the soil structure. 

We’ve worked hard to earn our reputation for producing beautiful flowers that last well after sale, to ensure that customers recognize the value, and return time and time again.

We also offer customized growing programs.