Retailer Care Tips


Our wet-packs arrive to your store retail-ready, meaning you can simply put the bucket on the floor and the bouquets are ready for sale! However, there are some simple steps that you should follow upon receiving your flowers.

1. Carefully remove the plastic sleeve from your buckets. The water in your buckets is specially treated to increase the vase-life of the flowers, but it should be changed after 5 days.

2. Display out of direct sunlight and away from sources of heating and cooling.

3. Replenish the buckets with fresh water as needed.


While a majority of our products are shipped fresh, we are proud to say that we now offer dry-packed flowers to customers where fresh is not an option.  With this new product, comes special instructions for care.  If you’ve received a dry-pack product, please follow the instructions below to ensure your flowers get the best care possible.

1. Carefully unpack your flowers from the box.

2. Using a clean tool (pruners/knife/table cutter), chop at least 1″ from the bottom of their stems.

3. Place them in clean, fresh water and allow them to hydrate for at least 1 hour before putting them out for sale.

4. If you have Floral Stem Dip available, they like having their stems dipped.

Consumer Care Tips


Have you recently received a Quik’s Farm bouquet? We’d love to help you keep that bouquet as beautiful as possible for as long as possible! Here are a few simple tips to extend the life of your bouquet.

1. Clean your vase and fill it with fresh water. Change the water daily and remove foliage that falls under the waterline.

2. Using a clean, sharp knife or scissors, trim about 2-3cm from the bottom of the stems at a 45 degree angle. Repeat every few days.

3. Display your bouquet away from direct sunlight and sources of heating or cooling. Remove expired stems as needed to keep the other blooms fresh.