Our Core Values

Quik’s Farm Ltd. is a local family farm dedicated to providing quality horticultural products guided by a focus on community, a greener future, and happiness.


We don’t believe in short-term relationships because this will not generate the best results for our customers. Sustainable relationships are only formed when there’s time, hard work, and dedication. That’s what we stand for.


To us, innovation is the key to quality. We invest heavily in the innovation of new varieties, growing techniques, and state-of-the-art technologies. All to make sure that we deliver fresh flowers to your door.


At Quik’s Farm, our knowledge and passion for flowers span over 30 years. We know the growing process of our flowers down to the ground and that’s why we are able to bring you the freshest, premium-quality cut flowers, bouquets, and arrangements.


We treat every flower with passion and love, from seedling to boxing. We believe we cannot provide quality without outstanding dedication and that’s why we give 100%, every day.

Customer Oriented

No customer too big, no customer too small! Specific needs, special programs, new varieties? No problem! We are here to help you select the best for your customers. Flexibility and understanding are limitless.


Our team is at the heart of our business. We think that a successful team is formed by different people with unique qualities and characteristics. Unity in diversity – that’s where our strength lies. This makes our company a community within a community serving a community.