Our history

For over 30 years Quik’s Farm Ltd has built a reputation for the freshest, highest quality flowers around. The roots of this family business go all the way back to 1990 when Harry and Lydie Quik tirelessly forged the humble beginnings of what is now one of Western Canada’s premier cut flower growing and supply companies.

The true success of Quik’s Farm Ltd lies in the fertile Fraser Valley soil of Chilliwack B.C. Together with an incredibly dedicated team, from growers to financial administrators, truck drivers to corporate sales professionals, Quik’s fresh flowers daily brighten the lives of happy customers across Canada and the Pacific Northwest USA.

As the company grew and expanded, one by one Harry and Lydie’s three sons joined the rapidly evolving business, each bringing with them a unique skill set and capacity to lead the various growing departments. Operating on the basic principles of trust, respect, and hard work ethic, Quik’s Farm prides itself on the years-long tradition of building lasting relationships focused around “Flowers With Impact.”

Today Quik’s Farm grows crops of Spraymum, Santini, Disbud Mums, Lilies, Lisianthus, Sunflowers, and much more in over 20 acres of state-of-the-art greenhouses and an additional 40 acres of outdoor field production. Millions of QQF-branded stems annually find their way through the United Flower Growers auction as well as through the hands of various wholesalers all across the country. Relying on strong partnerships with both local and international growers, Quik’s complements its product line-up to create the most trendsetting, highly marketable floral programs for retailers in several different provinces. By controlling the process from start to finish, from seedling to in-store delivery, Quik’s guarantees value and personal connection throughout the chain.

Since 2022, Harry as president of the company has entrusted the overall direction of the company into the hands of Andries Quik, the company CEO. Leo Quik leads the portfolio of Business Development together with a team of talented sales, marketing, and purchasing professionals. Corne Quik as General Manager of Operations is ultimately responsible for all operational functions of the company as well as being the leading project manager for expansions.

Lydie Quik in the greenhouse with Mini Carnations

Cold frames Prest Rd. greenhouse

Building of the first glass greenhouse on Prest Road

First climate PC in Prest Rd. greenhouse

Lydie Quik with early days bouquets

Snow storm

First truck with trailer

Expansion of the greenhouse

Expansion of the greenhouse

Snapdragons in Prest Rd. greenhouse

Harry Quik making blocks with the machine

Founder Harry and oldest son Andries in the greenhouse

The Quik Family