Delivering quality products right to your door.

Quik’s Farm Ltd grows bulk floral products both in state of the art greenhouse facilities as well as in our fields. Indoor crops are available every month of the year while the outdoor products are available seasonally.

Whether you are a floral wholesaler, distributor, florist, or bouquet maker, we are sure you will find our products align perfectly with the image you desire.

Our dynamic ability to grow what our customers demand while ensuring enough supply for a fluctuating spec market guarantees that all sectors of the industry can comfortably trust Quik’s Farm as a trustworthy supplier. Our unparalleled ability to get product to your door step ensures that doing business with Quik’s Farm Ltd remains a relaxed and hassle free experience. Whether looking for custom lot sizes, specific packaging, or different delivery options, we are sure to have the solution for you.

We are one phone call away!

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