Grower Direct relationships give you the best of the best.

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Quik’s Farm Ltd. offers full service, consumer ready floral products to add extra punch to your retail displays. From a full line of everyday bouquets and arrangements, to specialty holiday programs, we are sure to have something that fits your budget and clientele.

To differentiate yourself in the marketplace, our design team will work in close connection with you, our client, to develop a line of products which are unique to your brand and target market.  Our designers regularly stay up to date with the latest trends evolving in the floral market place to ensure you are first and foremost when it comes to product selection.

When you work with Quik’s Farm on a line up of floral products, you are in essence working with the growers of the flowers themselves. A majority of the flowers we are using in our floral products are grown at our own facilities in Chilliwack B.C. Because of the passion we hold for the flowers we grow, creating grower direct relationships is essential to providing you with the best of the best.