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Efficient Shipping

We understand that efficient shipping and logistics processes are integral to the long lasting value of our product. For this reason we ensure a timely rotation of fresh product out of our facilities via a consistent cold chain right to your door step. In order to provide the most efficient shipping solution for you, our team will work closely with you to maximize the high costs of shipping while maintaining product integrity.

Where ever you are located in Canada or the United States, we have the means to get product to your area.

When shipping flowers in the preferred Wet Pack ie; auction buckets, disposable buckets, we use pre-chilled water treated with an anti-bacterial agent which prevents bacteria growth from adversely affecting product quality. Quik’s Farm Ltd is a shareholder of both the United Flower Growers auction as well as United Floral Holdings Corp. These sales and distribution channels provide an excellent platform for procuring and distributing floral product throughout all our sales regions and are regularly used by Quik’s Farm Ltd as terminals in our logistics chain. At Quik’s Farm Ltd we believe that fresh really does need to be fresh, therefore all logistics is coordinated by our own team of knowledgeable experts. All our shipping is done either by utilizing our own fleet of temperature controlled trucks or through trustworthy third-party carriers. This enables us to control flexible and just-in-time delivery of your orders. Contact us to find out how.

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